Slots Glossary

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Not sure what a specific slots term means? We have a full slots glossary below so that you understand every aspect of the game next time you play slots or receive special slots promotions from your favourite online casino.


Bonus slot machines help the Slots Player to win extra money or spins.

Coin size

The amount of money a Player must deposit into the machine in order to begin to play on a Slot machine. The coin size on a dime Slot machine is ten cents.


This is frequently referred to as a winning spin.

Max Bet

The most coins that you can bet on any one spin. You can bet more than one coin on slot machines. This causes you to win more money on each of your spins. On a Classic Slot machine, the max bet is usually 3 coins which will come with a larger jackpot than if you played one or two coins.


The line the determines the payout. Multi-Line, Bonus, and Video Slots usually have more than one payline. This is one of the reasons their payout amounts are so high.


The amount of money a Slot machine pays out when a Player wins.

Payout Percentage

This is the money that the Slot machine pays back to a winning Player. If a Slot machine boasts a 98% Payout Percentage, it means that, on a winning combination, $0.98 is paid out to the Player and the remainder is kept back by the machine as the casino's take.

Pay Table

Usually located to the top of the Slot machine, the Pay table indicates winning combinations and respective winning amounts.

Progressive Jackpot

This is the biggest jackpot that a Player can win on a Slot machine. It continues to increase in size based on the number of coins that are bet. Many Progressive slots are linked to each other and the payout amounts are usually 'larger than life'.

Random Number Generator

Referred to as the RNG, it is a program built into each Slot machine that helps to keep a fair and honest environment by ensuring that slot machine winning combinations are completely random. In this way, there is no necessity to employ Strategy in order to win, because winning combos are determined by the machine and not the Player.


The reels spin around the inside of the slot machine and determine what symbols show up on the screen.

Scatter Symbols

A scatter symbol can occur anywhere on the reels to activate a winning combination, even if it does not fall on a pay line.


Located on the reels, the symbols can be anything from fruits, to numbers, to cards and more. They vary based on the type of Slot machine being played. For example, in Microgaming's 'Summer Holiday' slot machine, several symbols relating to a summer vacation are displayed. You will find symbols like a Duck symbol, snacks, cold drinks, and children jumping into a lake. Additionally, symbols may be Scatters and Wild Symbols which give the opportunity for higher win amounts.

Wild Symbol

This is a symbol that can represent any symbol thereby increasing the Player's chances of hitting a a winning combination. Scatter symbols for example usually tend to be Wild Symbols.

Winning Combination

This is the combination of symbols that occur on the payline in order for a Player to win.